Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shearing Day

Last Friday was shearing day and unfortunately it was cool and rainy. We managed to get all 50 (did I say 50!) adult sheep in the 2 barns so they were dry but our shearer complained that the fleeces were really gumming up his equipment due to the cool wet weather. So some of the girls have less than perfect haircuts. We will have to try and clean a few of them up by hand this week. The fleeces were really nice except for a few lambs that had felted. I wonder if the extremely snowy winter contributed to that?
SheltringPines Kamelya waiting patiently for her turn for a haircut.
Two of our wonderful assistants for the day waiting for the next fleece to come off. Thanks Dave and Leslie!

Honor and Linda deep in discussion, Linda was a big help with light skirting and bagging fleeces and Honor wrestled several of the girls over to the shearer and then made sure all the babes found their newly naked moms :)

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