Friday, July 4, 2008

Goodbye Arwen

Last night we lost our beautiful Gr Pyr/Akbash named Arwen. She was only 14 months old and went chasing coyotes who were across the road and was hit by a car. She died instantly and the lovely person that hit her didn't even stop. She had never gone near the road before so we were very shocked that this would happen to her. She was the best LGD ever! Friendly and loving with everything from our kids, lambs, all the house dogs and cats but at night she turned into the vigilant guard dog. She is pictured here last summer as a puppy. Unfortunately this is one of only 2 pics that we have of her. We are so grateful to have known her and thankful that she didn't suffer. A pail with the handle chewed off (her favorite act of destruction) will have the power to put me to tears for a long time to come. Goodbye sweet Arwen.