Thursday, April 17, 2008

BFL lambs

I have been very busy with lambing, children, life in general so I have not been keeping up with the new blog already :) We currently are halfway through lambing with 20 ewes left to lamb and 5 BFL lambs, 19 Shetland lambs and 2 Nigerian Dwarf kids on the ground. Here are some pics of the some of the new lambs...

Here is Beechtree Hetherington and her ram lamb below...

Above is a little ewe lamb out of Beechtree Platinum (one of a set of twin ewes)

Brae and her black pattern ewe lamb by Beechtree Coaldale

Ram lamb out of Beechtree Hetherington above.

Ewe out of Platinum again, she is sooo cute! The girls have named her Saphire and her twin is Opal.

Lots of spots!

Above is a cute little ewe out of HarmonyMarsh Aruba and Willowgarden Sudan.

This ewe (pics above and below) has an amazing crimpy fleece, plus the cute spots and she may be modified. She is out of Willowgarden Gala and HarmonyMarsh Aslan.

This is HarmonyMarsh Anne Frank and her brand new ram lamb. He has an amazing crimpy fleece and he is moorit, spotted and carries modified!

He has a Pink nose Bill :)

Black HST ram lamb (carries modified) out of Willowgarden Ella Fitzgerald and Willowgarden Sudan.

HST fawn katmoget ewe lamb out of Willowgarden Rosemary and HarmonyMarsh Aslan.

Annie and her ram again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lambs at last...

The lambs have been arriving daily for the last week. We have been very busy with 10 Shetland lambs, 5 BFL lambs and 1 Nigerian Dwarf kid but all are well so we are happy. We still have 29 or 30 ewes to go and one goat so lots of babies still to come. Here are some of them so far...

These are our bottle babies Mabel a musket Shetland ewe and Aurora a BFL ewe lamb. These girls are best friends :)

This is a tiny little ewe lamb born to one of last year's shetland lambs. She only weighed 3.5lbs at birth but she is feisty and is already playing with the big boys.

This is Sage's little Nigerian Dwarf doe, doing what goats do best...climbing.

This little guy was the first of the lambs born here this year. He is very content and has the smile to prove it :)