Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots of spots!

Above is a cute little ewe out of HarmonyMarsh Aruba and Willowgarden Sudan.

This ewe (pics above and below) has an amazing crimpy fleece, plus the cute spots and she may be modified. She is out of Willowgarden Gala and HarmonyMarsh Aslan.

This is HarmonyMarsh Anne Frank and her brand new ram lamb. He has an amazing crimpy fleece and he is moorit, spotted and carries modified!

He has a Pink nose Bill :)

Black HST ram lamb (carries modified) out of Willowgarden Ella Fitzgerald and Willowgarden Sudan.

HST fawn katmoget ewe lamb out of Willowgarden Rosemary and HarmonyMarsh Aslan.

Annie and her ram again.

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