Thursday, April 17, 2008

BFL lambs

I have been very busy with lambing, children, life in general so I have not been keeping up with the new blog already :) We currently are halfway through lambing with 20 ewes left to lamb and 5 BFL lambs, 19 Shetland lambs and 2 Nigerian Dwarf kids on the ground. Here are some pics of the some of the new lambs...

Here is Beechtree Hetherington and her ram lamb below...

Above is a little ewe lamb out of Beechtree Platinum (one of a set of twin ewes)

Brae and her black pattern ewe lamb by Beechtree Coaldale

Ram lamb out of Beechtree Hetherington above.

Ewe out of Platinum again, she is sooo cute! The girls have named her Saphire and her twin is Opal.

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